DVD New Moon On Sale!!

Januari 17, 2010

Good News..

The official date of DVD New Moon has announced. It will be on store on March 20th in US and Canada. Hell Yeahhh... that's my birthday anyway.. So, it's impossible for me to say "No" if you give it to me as a birthday gift :-D

The DVD has special feature based on released country. Here is the  US &Canada's Special Features list:

  • Audio commentary with Director Chris Weitz and Editor Peter Lamber
  • A riveting six-part documentary that takes you behind the scenes
  • Exclusive band rehearsal footage with Muse
  • Music videos from Death Cab for Cutie, Anya Marina, and Mute Math

Meanwhile UK's Version :

Special Features include Director Chris Weitz’s commentary and over 3 hours of exclusive extras:

The Journey Continues: A 6-part making-of documentary:
- Life after Twilight
- Chris Weitz takes the helm
- The subtle details
- A look at production
- It’s not magic
- Ready for the World
• Music Videos:
- Death Cab for Cutie: Meet me on the Equinox
- Anya Marina: Satellite Heart
- Muse: I Belong to You behind the scenes rehearsal footage
- Mutemath: Spotlight
• Fan Event Q&A with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz

– Content Exclusive for the UK
• Fandimonium: A look at the die-hard fans
• Team Jacob vs Team Edward: The ultimate love triangle
• Deleted scenes
• Edward goes to Italy
• Edward Fast Forward
• Jacob Fast Forward
• Interview with the Volturi
• Introducing the Wolfpack
• Becoming Jacob
• Edward goes to Italy
• Jacob fast forward
• Edward fast forward
• The Beat Goes On: The music of The Twilight Saga: New Moon
• Frame by Frame: Storyboards to screen

Whooaaaa.. cool..
I don't know special feature of Indonesia's version. Hopefully may not differ greatly with the version of the UK & U.S.

Can’t wait!!!

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