[REVIEW] Breaking Dawn part 1: The Dream Wedding, Better than Eclipse

I'm actually not a wedding person.. you know, a person who willing to attend  wedding reception. For some reason, i kinda say "no" to it :)

Cause there'll be no sunlight
if I lose you, baby.... There'll be no clear skies if I lose you, baby....Just like the clouds, my eyes will do the same if you walk away...Everyday, it will rain, rain, rain...

Tapi untuk wedding yang satu ini, i have to go. Walaupun gerimis mulai menderas dan tugas setumpuk di kantor, saya rela mengerjakan tugas as fast as the vampire's moves. Hanya untuk mengejar pernikahan ini ..

And there i was.. with a help of friend i got the ticket. Duduk manis dengan harapan semoga di samping dan di depan saya bukan abg gengges yang meracau galau. Tahukan betapa ganggunya abg-abg yang entah kenapa selalu jejeritan jika melihat adegan-adegan tertentu..

Well,anyway, Breaking Dawn adalah buku keempat dan terakhir dari Twilight Saga. Berhubung buku ini cukup panjang, maka untuk filmnya di buat dalam dua bagian. This Breaking Dawn part one ini di buka dengan adegan Jacob menerima The Wedding Invitation.Pedih perihnya di gambarkan dengan bertransformasinya Jacob menjadi serigala, berhujan-hujan berlari jauh ke hutan. Lalu adegan mengalir ke persiapan Bella menuju pernikahannya yang jika di baca di buku it will be  The big white wedding (thanks to Alice).

                              Edward : I'll see you at the altar 
Bella : I'll be the one wearing the white gown  
Edward : So convincing 
Scene pernikahan adalah scene yang mostly ditunggu-tunggu. Kristen Stewart walk down the aisle at her wedding gown yang keren bannget diiringi intro lagu Christina Perri - A Thousand Years. The wedding scene is so lush, romantic and breathtaking as Edward and Bella whisper their vows. And there it goes.. masih ingat lagu ketika mereka pertama kali slow dance di prom night? You'll be hearing that again :)
pic from here 

Ok, i'll stop spoiling ( in case somebody cursed me).

So, I just want to remind .. in case you have not read the book, the film ranges from about marriage Edward-Bella, Jacob and of course jealousy PLMK  a.k.a Perang Lama Muncul Kembali antara The Werewolves and The Vampire. So there will be some scene about the Honeymoon in Esme Island which is not recommended for age under 17 ( i think). There'll be some violence and also more blood as the birth scene is wild, shocking, and yes, quite bloody.

Although this may be the Twilight Saga film received much criticism (even by people who did not want to watch a movie. Strange!), Breaking Dawn This to me is second best after the Twilight Itself. Kristen Stewart, to her credit, is completely believable as a weak Bella Desperately holding on to life for the love of her baby. Robert Pattinson also convincing to be a desperate husband and father to be. Personally i dont really get Jacob Lautner, but i wont judge. The scene Pls he's crying over Bella's death and he's down on the knee are seeing something Reneesme That Will maybe take your heart away.

Wait ...? Did i say Will Bella die?

Ooops ..

My suggestion is only one: Do not leave your seat before you listen to Bruno Mars - It Will Rain. Stick around for the credits. There's a surprise last scene. I will not tell you the details, but you Will be like these people:)

Enjoy the movie!

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