Oppa and Me

So I decided to use my hibernate tumblr account for my so-called-writing-project. I know it's still raw but i think i should give a shout. I named my writing project "Oppa and Me" 

Writing my imagination 
"Oppa and Me" is a compilation of random stories that came out in my imagination. This story about two people Airin dan Hyung who meet accidentally in an event. There's no hate or love at the first sight. It was just plain. Hyung is a superstar singer from Korea and Airin is a radio DJ who happens to interviewed Hyung when he visit the country for his world tour. He barely speaks english and Airin doesn't know much speak Korean. That's why she really surprised and even rejected the offer in the first place. She's prefer to interview a Japan Rock Band rather than Korean Boyband. 

"I'm not into it..I just know one or two simple Korean's conversation. Besides Korean Language makes me sleepy.. I'm afraid i'll fall to sleep in the studio," She rejected straight forward.

But the show must go on.. The Producer thinks she's the best DJ and can light up the situation. Besides there's Rico, his partner on "Morning Call" as co-DJ who will accompany her. He's actually goods at speaking Korean but not really good for interviewing. 

So the show go on well.. actually even Hyung himself likes the show. "I never been interviewing feels like talking to long time friend like this. Sometimes i forgot and show the real me.. This girl can make me show the real me. I can be who i am.. She's something." But then again, it's just another interview to do and for Airin he's just another celebrity like any celebrity she has interviewed before. Nothing special.. 

Until the meet again in Osaka, two months later.. Something happens.. and it's so much complicated than Airin and Hyung thought. 
Below and above this post are  random post, scene by scene that i figured out how  the story about Airin and Hyung will be. I write it down to help me not to forget what's inside my mind because i'm easily to forget hahahaha.. 

Because it's based on random thought, even i have some kind of outline for this story but i just post random part that across my mind. So there's a chance the ending will not the same as i want it to be. It depends on how's thing between Hyung and Airing evolving. 

I post my writing project on http://oppaandme.tumblr.com/ I would really appreciate it if you stop by and read. You can post comment if you will.. 

Thank you.. 



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