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Does Blogging In 2020 still work after You Tube and Podcasts Coming?

Today, I’m going to share about blogging and does blogging still work after you tube and podcasts coming? If you are interested in blogging or happened to be a blogger, you might want to continue to listen to what I would say  next.. 
Does Blogging Still Work After You Tube and Podcasts Coming?
OK, before we continue, let me ask you, do you have a blog? Please answer at the comment below with ‘Yes’ if you have one and No, if you haven’t. 

First of all, let me share my story as a blogger. I started blogging since probably around 2006 or 2007. The reason was that I love to write diary back when I was a child but since the internet provides media called blog, I wondered how to write a diary to share  my thoughts with other people. I remember I had two or three different blogs. One blog for my journal, one for my poetry and the other one for my short stories. 
As the time goes by, I had difficulty to maintain those 3 blogs, so in 2011, I decided to close down three of them and start a new bl…